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The Tutorials * A List of HTML Tags

Text editors, such as the humble Windows Notepad, can be used very successfully to create complex web pages.
It does mean, however, that you have to 'get your hands dirty' and learn HTML coding. For beginners this sounds like a daunting task. The good news is that once you have got your head around the basic concepts and rules it is pretty easy - and has the added advantage of being immensely satisfying!
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is not so much a coding language as a formatting tool. It is the background coding that tells your web page content how to display in a browser. It works, for the most part, by the use of a pair of 'tags' [an opening tag and a closing tag] that are contained within chevrons < >. The tag that tells your browser to expect a web page looks like this <HTML> and the closing tag has the addition of a slash - like so </HTML> and most of the tags work the same way. Of course it's not all as simple as that - we are talking about computers after all! Some of the tags don't have a corresponding closing tag and many of them can have additional attributes that can look confusing until you know what you're doing.

The Tutorials

  1. Go!The Basic Web Page - Part 1
  2. Go!The Basic Web Page - Part 2
  3. Go!Colours and Backgrounds
  4. Go!Colours and Backgrounds Part 2
  5. Go!Fun with Fonts
  6. Go!Hyperlinks
  7. Go!Using Images
  8. Go!Tables
  9. Go!Lists
  10. Go!Frames
  11. Go!Forms
  12. Go!MetaTags
  13. Go!Publishing
  14. Go!Promotion
  15. Go!Advanced
These tutorials assume that you have some knowledge of Windows and are comfortable with
  • opening and closing files
  • cutting, copying and pasting
  • using File - Save and File - Save As... to create variations of files and with
  • using the taskbar [or ALT+TAB] to switch between open applications.

If you follow all the tutorials you will have learnt all the skills and have the knowledge necessary to be able to create web pages - the rest is up to you!

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