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Basic Web Page
Part 1
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  1. Open up Notepad [Start, Programs, Accessories]
  2. Open Internet Explorer [or whichever browser you prefer to use]
    It is usual to work with both applications open - the text editor to work in and the browser to check progress
  3. Copy the text below [between the broad blue lines] into your text editor.
  4. Save the file [suggested name basic1.htm]. It is vital to save the file with the extension .htm [or .html] - it will not open in a browser as a web page without it. In general, do not use spaces in your filenames.
  5. Open the file in your browser.

<TITLE>My First Webpage</TITLE>
This is my first webpage

See an example

Ta-da! That's your first web page. OK it's not much to look at yet but we'll work on that! All web pages have to have the tags of the page you just created. Let's look at them in a bit more detail.

This tells the browser that it's looking at a web page

This is a bit of your document that is hidden from view in your browser. It can be used to hold different elements such as javascripts and special tags that give background information about your web page

This is what is displayed in the title bar of your browser

This is the bit that you actually see in the browser window. This is where you put your content!

Right, that's that done - here concludes lesson one.

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