Using AceHTML 4
- Part 3 -
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Assuming that you've followed tutorials Part One and Part Two you should now have something that looks like this

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<title>AceHTML 4 tester page</title>
<body [with any of your own chosen attributes here]>
<h1>AceHTML 4 Test Page</h1>
This a test page to test out AceHTML 4 and this is some body text.<p>
This is, for some bizarre reason, a graphic of a frog <IMG SRC="FROG1.GIF" ALIGN="MIDDLE">.<br>
<div align="center"><font size="+2">This line is some text that is 2 sizes larger than the default text and is centre aligned.</font></div>
On this line there is a link to another page and one to Adam's HTML Planet Site</body>

So now we're going to deal with the links which are, after all, what makes the web a web.

I'll leave you to make a link back from the second page [ace2.htm] to the first.

There you have the basics of how to use AceHTML 4 to create webpages. Play around with it, experiment and I'm sure you'll find it a very useful web designers tool.

To learn more use the very good help files.

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