Using AceHTML 4
- Part 1 -
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AceHTML 4 is freeware, is my personal favourite and can be downloaded for free from Visicom Media where you can also get AceFTP which integrates seamlessly with AceHTML and enables you to get your creations online with minimal hassle.

AceHTML 4 has a wealth of superb features for the website designer who is familiar with HTML. You could even get away with using it having very little HTML knowledge but you wouldn't be using it at its best. It is very customisable and has features such as 'extended replace' that allow you to replace text over several files at once. There are many templates supplied with the program covering a basic webpage, javascript page, CSS page and a variety of personal and business style pages. When using the latter two options there is a 'New Template Wizard' to assist in setting out the design of the page in detail. The templates themselves are customisable, and you can create templates from any of your own files, which enables you to create templates for the various different sections of your site.
The progam also has an internal browser so that you can check your work as you go [you can choose for the browser to update every time you save or every time you make an alteration to the page].

So, let's run through the process of how to put a couple of linked pages together with AceHTml 4.

Having opened the program, we'll start with a minimal, basic HTML document - if it hasn't already loaded up with something that looks like this

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

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