Adam's HTML Planet - Tutorials and Tips on how to create websites using HTML - with a text editor such as Windows Notepad, with an HTML editor like AceExpert or HotDog Pro or with a WYSIWYG program such as Microsoft FrontPage or HotMetal Pro
I'm sorry, but i'm not maintaining or updating this site any longer. I've been suffering from depression since seperating from my wife and children and can't find the motivation. I'll leave it as it is for a while as the info is still useful. Cheers, adam Adam's HTML Planet - Home Page

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This site is aimed at the beginner and intermediate web developer and demonstrates the three main ways to make webpages and websites - i.e. text editors, HTML editors and WYSIWYG editors

Text editors include the basic Notepad program which is part of the Windows operating system.

HTML editors include AceExpert,Liquid FX and HotDog Pro.

WYSIWYG editors include FrontPage, Dreamweaver and HotMetal Pro.

For each of the 3 main sections of the site there are some comments from me on the pros and cons of each method and some tutorials. The most extensive tutorials are in the text editors section as I feel it is important to have a good grasp of HTML in order to make the best use of HTML editors and WYSIWYG programs.

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