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This page is about how to promote your site

OK, you've done all the hard work [almost!] and you've got a website worth putting on the net - you've got good, quality content, you've thought long and hard about how people are going to view and use your site and designed it accordingly, you've nearly gone insane over HTML's design limitations and how to overcome them and you've found somewhere to host your site and there it is shiny and new!!! Nice one! Feels good doesn't it?

So now - all you need to do now is to sit back and bask in the warming glow of an ever increasing hit-count and loads of positive feedback from visitors to your site.

Only one problem!

No one else knows it's even there!So, you thought all the work was done? Not so. Now begins the task of letting as many people as possible know where your site is and why they should visit it - also why they should come back again once they have seen it [ie. regular updates]. So, don't relax just yet and let's explore the mystical arts of site promotion.

"How do I promote my site then!" I hear you cry [or is it those damn auditory hallucinations again :)]

There's several things you can do all of which can pay dividends in their own way

Tell everyone you know about your site
Yep, good ol' word of mouth. It's a start!

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