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Basic Web Page
Part 2
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This tutorial assumes that you have followed tutorial one

  1. Open up Notepad [or whichever text editor you're using] and your browser.
  2. Open [in your text editor] the file you created in tutorial 1.
  3. Look at the text below and make the necessary additions to your file .
  4. Save the file [suggested name basic2.htm]. Don't forget to save the file with the extension .htm [or .html].
  5. Open the file in your browser.

<TITLE>My First Webpage</TITLE>
<H1>This is my first webpage</H1>
This is some 'body' text to make up the first paragraph

And this is some more text on a separate line
an example

Let's look at the bits we've added.

<H1> </H1>
This is a heading level tag. There are 6 levels with Heading 1 being the biggest and level 6 being very small indeed, hardly what you'd call a heading - but there you have it!

This creates a new paragraph - equal to pressing the 'Return' key twice in a word processor. Again, it's one that doesn't require a closing tag although, with this one you can if you want. The paragraph tag can have alignment attributes i.e. for a centred paragraph you would input <P ALIGN="CENTER">

This is a line break - equal to pressing the 'Return' key once in a word processor. You will have noticed that it's one of those tags that don't require a closing tag.

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