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NotepadText Editor
  • Complete control over coding
  • Able to keep file size to a minimum.
  • More typing
  • Flow of work interrupted by coding tags and checking in browser
  • No spellchecking
Microsoft WordWord Processesor
  • Familiar application
  • Spellchecker
  • No control over coding
  • Lack of control over exact colours
  • Over-large file-size + extra folder
  • Messy code
Microsoft FrontPage WYSIWYG/HTML Editor
  • Ease of use
  • Spellchecker
  • Familiar-style application
  • Can work WYSIWYG or HTML and can preview within program
  • Inbuilt FTP capability
  • Slight over-coding [if unchecked]
  • Some confusing toolbar items and terminology i.e. 'webs'
HotDogPro 5.5 HTML Editor
  • Complete control over coding
  • Spellchecker
  • Familiar-style application
  • Able to keep file size to a minimum
  • Inbuilt FTP capability
  • Can't preview within program
  • Slight over-coding [if unchecked]

  • Facts and Figures

    ProgramFile SizeParagraphsLinesWordsCharacters [not including Spaces]
    Notepad2k + 4k image1232171,681
    Microsoft Word12k + 4k image + extra folder 27431287210,685
    FrontPage3k + 4k image5461 2862,183
    HotDog3k + 4k image2949 3202,112




    This is a Web Page made using Notepad

    This is an example page to test the same web page created in a variety of different web authoring packages. The idea being to identify the distinct advantages of each approach. Each page in the test batch will have the same basic elements. These are

    In this page I have complete control over the html coding and can design my page through a combination of writing the code in a text editor and viewing the results in a browser.

    This is some larger text - 2 sizes up from the default and This is some 'size 2' text

    This text should be size 6 and green

    and what about some other coloured text just for fun?

    This image should be aligned to the middle of the text

    This is the 'header' row and should span the two columns below it
    This is column 1 of the second rowAnd this is column 2
    Row 3 - Dummy TextRow 3 - Dummy Text

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